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Cedarwood Development is a private real estate development and investment company specializing in condominium and apartment building enterprises.

Founded in 2005, Cedarwood specializes in the rezoning and redevelopment of underutilized assets. We pride ourselves on both innovation and quality. We focus on projects that achieve the most superior risk-adjusted returns. Our robust endeavors include aspects of both residential and commercial development.

Based primarily out of South Boston, the team at Cedarwood is actively pursuing markets in the greater Boston area. We are committed to investing in an array of diverse and exciting opportunities that will yield the most value to strengthen our portfolio of properties.


Cedarwood prides itself on it’s commitment to understanding and respecting the values of the neighborhood and respective community.  Careful consideration of planning and good urban design is always paramount when coordinating and navigating the neighborhood process. A reasonable perspective on collaboration and negotiation continues to result in positive end results for the development team and for the community


We understand and embrace the dynamic and ever-changing marketplace.  For this reason, Cedarwood is committed to investing in diverse and solid assets that perform.  With a strong emphasis on ROI, Cedarwood continues to be open to diversifying its portfolio with asset classes that will perform to endure the test of time. We achieve this by investing in a broad spectrum of products in a multitude of conservative demographics.  Our approach is always mindful of a long-lasting business outlook and our vision is always uncompromised.


Cedarwood’s core competencies are numerous. They include a fully staffed in-house property management team, capable of managing all units in the portfolio.

We employ a seasoned construction administration team with project managers, site superintendents and carpenters capable of managing small multifamily to large scale commercial and residential projects. Cedarwood is in involved with all aspects of real estate development including acquisition, design, rezoning, permitting and conveyance. We have extensive experience in redevelopment via repositioning and readaptive uses, and specializein asset management via implementing strategies which maximize company assets through leasing, marketing and management.

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